mandatory driver training

a pillar of our safety vision

In 2016 Colmis introduced a Mandatory Driver Training to ensure basic knowledge of driving in winter conditions for anyone operating within the proving ground. 

The Mandatory Driver Training is one of the pillars of our focus on safety at Colmis. And this is why, regardless of your driving level and skills, we are confident your takeaways will be valuable.

Each season, the professional driving instructors train between 400 to 600 drivers. Addressed mainly to customers of Colmis, it is also open to external visitors, whether professionals or amateurs, as the purpose of Colmis is to contribute to the safety on the roads and testing world in the region in general. 

book your training before you come to Colmis!

Do you have questions about our Driver Training? Purpose, content, duration, booking process, etc. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to find out more by clicking here.

The booking schedule for season 2023/2024 is now online! 


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