modern ev charging infrastructure

fully powered up for today's needs

Environmental responsibility is high on the list for Colmis and we are now sourcing our power from renewable energy sources.

On our proving ground we have adapted our charging infrastructure with two 184 kW and one 52 kW chargers and we continue to install more, as the demand only grows.

Through TestInfra Sweden AB, of which Colmis is a founding member, our customers also have access to EV charging stations on the public roads with an HPC charger in Arvidsjaur, which is operative during every season from January to March. The DC-charger is an ABB Terra High Power 350 kW units and provide a current supply of 500 A

prepared for yesterday and tomorrow

As a Colmis customer you get access to our commercial fuel station (95-98-Diesel).

We are looking into a solution to provide hydrogen supply either within our proving ground or at a public station in Arjeplog starting season 2024/2025.

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