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everything you need in one place.

Test tracks

Colmis gives you access to an impressive infrastructure of more than 700km of combined testing tracks.

Our multipurpose testing areas comprise a large variety of land tracks as well as ice tracks on the frozen lakes. 

Our tracks are built to satisfy the most demanding tests of today’s vehicle development and are regularly updated accordingly.

We constantly customise our tracks following the needs of our customers.

workshops & offices

We have a large range of fully equipped workshops to choose from that will fit the needs of your specific winter test project: from 52 sqm all the way up to 300 sqm. 

All workshops also come with an adjacent office and canteen area.

You can also rent additional conference rooms for presentations and events.

ev charging

Environmental responsibility is high on the list for Colmis and we are now sourcing our power from renewable energy sources.

We have adapted our charging infrastructure with two 184 kW and one 52 kW chargers and we continue to install more, as the demand only grows.

Through TestInfra Sweden AB, of which Colmis is a founding member, our customers also have access to EV charging stations on the public roads with an HPC charger in Arvidsjaur, which is operative during every season from January to March.

The DC-charger is an ABB Terra High Power 350 kW units and provides a current supply of 500 A.

35 cold chambers

Basically imagine a big fridge or freezer but for a vehicle. 

Cold chambers offer the possibility of a controlled climate environment of down to -35/-40 degrees.

This is used for cold starts and other kinds of tests. 

We have 35 on our proving ground.


In search of a private area to hold your driving event? Or the perfect setting for a commercial shooting?

Look no longer. We are experienced in supporting all kinds of events and even have an entire specific frozen lake dedicated to this purpose.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information!


Finding a place to stay during the high season can be challenging at times but our colleagues at Simloc are known for finding a suitable solution to every request.

Our sister-company has several hotels of its own in the centre of town – just a few kilometres from our proving ground – and also arranges private apartment and house rentals in the nearby region.
The team at Simloc will happily help you out: info@simloc.se / www.simlochotel.com
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