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If it’s your first time coming to Colmis you will understandably have many questions. How to register online? How to book the Mandatory Driver Training? How to get permission for a photo shoot?

Here we list many of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. 

But if you still are unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime!


Everyone that wants to enter Colmis Proving Ground for work and testing purposes, regardless of what kind of professional activity you are carrying out.

*The only exception is for special guests that are invited to the PG to take part in events (customer product demos, journalist tours, etc.) for a short stay of 1-2 days. Only for these cases, please contact reception to arrange and collect paper version copies of the confidentiality agreement.

Please note that every registration is individual, and that this registration is not connected to the Driver Training online booking system.

  1. If it’s the first time you are registering online, you start by creating an account here: If you already have an account from previous seasons, you can go directly to

  2. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to a login page. Please type in the username (e-mail address) and password you selected when creating an account.

  3. You will then start the registration process, which consists of 2 steps:

    1. Reading the “Confidentiality Agreement”

    2. Watching our “Safety Introduction video” (mandatory) and the “Rajd PGM video (optional)

*Important: please note you can only select the checkbox confirming you have read the texts if you have scrolled down through each document

4) In the next page you will get a message confirming your successful registration. You will be given a registration ID number: this will serve as proof of your registration and can be useful to find you in the system if there is a spelling mistake in your name or if there is a name duplicity, etc. You will also get a confirmation by e-mail (check your junk email folder if you don’t receive it in a couple of minutes).

The registration is very simple and straightforward, but as you will have to read through two short documents and watch a video, please keep in mind the whole process will take between 10-15 minutes.

At least 48 hours before arriving at Colmis, but we advise that you do it “the earlier the better”, if possible, at least one week prior to your arrival.

The registration is valid for a whole season. You only have to repeat the process when you come back for another season.

No, we have fully migrated our process from a physical registration to an online one.

Yes, before entering the proving ground, you have to pick up your visitor card. Please remember that we kindly ask to send only one person per team/group to pick up the cards at reception.

Your own company/customer might have additional requirements. Therefore, it is important that you always follow the guidelines you were given by your own company/customer, e.g. you might have to notify a specific reference person in advance or contact someone from your company/customer on arrival.


The purpose is to offer a compact yet comprehensive overviewto give participants the basic knowledge to understand, assess and ultimately increase their driving skills in winter conditions and hereby harmonize the safety standards across the proving ground.

Anyone that wants to drive within the Colmis facilities is required to take part in the Mandatory Driver Training. Those that don’t drive (e.g. mechanics) are excluded from this requirement.

The training takes about 4 hours and includes a short theory part (approx. 30/45 minutes long) but focuses on actual driving and vehicle control in different scenarios.

Apart from an introduction to the exercises that will be performed later on (e.g. discussing topics such as under-/oversteer behaviour), it includes a number of insights on safety regulations and driving recommendations (concerning wildlife on the road, snow smoke, friction levels, etc.).

The goal is to gain an overall insight on cold climate driving techniques and coordination, with the purpose of improving vehicle control in several type of scenarios (typical exercises are braking on different surfaces at variable speeds, obstacle avoidance, slalom and circle sections, etc.).

Yes, you obtain a Colmis Cold Climate Driving Licence that is valid for 3 seasons. So, for example, if you take the training during season 2023/2024, your licence will be valid for seasons 2023/2024, 2024/2025 and 2025/2026. You would later have to repeat the training in season 2026/2027.

Simply check the validity on the licence that was handed out to you. If you have lost it, you can ask us to check for you by writing to

It is mainly addressed at Colmis customers and the accreditation/licence you receive is required at our proving ground, but it is open to anyone, also external companies.

Trainings this winter season will be held between January 10th and March 21st, from Mondays to Thursdays, with morning sessions (08:20 to 12:00) and afternoon sessions (13:30 to 17:00) available.

The price is 2,300 SEK per person (+VAT) for Colmis customers (those renting a workshop/access to tracks) and 3,750 SEK per person (+VAT) for external participants. Payment is made directly after the training at reception via credit card, unless there is a previous agreement with your company to include it in the extra costs invoice.

The training can be easily booked directly through our online booking system. Each company has its own joint account for this, with a shared username and password. Ask your coordinator for the login details if you don’t have them. Important: this login is independent and not the same as the one you use for the visitor online registration at Colmis!

You can access it directly through this link Alternatively, you can also get to the same page by simply clicking on the “Driver Training” icon on the top right corner of website’s homepage. 

During season 2023/2024 we will be using XC60s (Volvo), a versatile vehicle that functions well to complete the training’s content. ESC system will be switched off for some exercises.

For different reasons (insurance, training consistency, etc.), we ask you to use the vehicle fleet we provide specifically for the Driver Training.

Our policy is that everyone should take the Driver Training using the earliest available spot, but of course we understand that it cannot always be done directly upon arrival when the bookings are full, so we allow a certain “transitional period” for you to start working even without the licence. This should be minimized as much as possible, but during this period you can perform all necessary activities you require.

Despite our clear commitment at Colmis to always facilitate and look for solutions to satisfy our customers at all levels, we have to stick to our principle of offering the same rights/obligations to all of our customers/visitors every season. In this sense this inevitably means following a “no exceptions” regulation andtherefore we would kindly ask for you/your team to take part in the training. Please understand this is not because we in any way doubt your skills or experience (for some of the participants of the training it is indeed the first time at Colmis whilst many others are long-time customers), but because of the training being mandatory is a policy that applies to everyone in the same way in order to harmonize the safety standards across the proving ground.

We have a cooperation agreement with Bosch and also Continental, so that people that have done the training either at their winter proving ground in Vaitoudden / Arvdisjaur, respectively, or at ours in Colmis are exempt of doing it when visiting/working at each other’s PG. Although we are working towards extending this cooperation to other proving grounds, at the moment we only recognize the Bosch and Continental winter trainings as the equivalent to having completed the Colmis one. *This agreement only entitles people that have completed the training either at their winter proving ground in Vaitoudden, Arvidsjaur or at ours in Colmis and have a valid licence to be exempt of doing it when visiting/working at each other’s PG (no “special exemptions/authorizations” are permitted).

We introduced the Mandatory Driver Training during season 2016/2017 following, amongst others, the following 3 key reasons: 1) In alignment with the Colmis “safety- first” vision, which has always been a priority for us. 2) A trend in the whole industry amongst leading proving grounds worldwide to require taking part in a safety training to improve and maximize safety standards. 3) The growing requests from some of our customers to set a minimum requirement in order to secure the safety of everyone involved in testing activities within our proving ground. The training is not legislated/regulated by Swedish law as such, but it isa policy implemented by Colmis (similarly to other private proving grounds across Europe/worldwide).

Customers of Colmis who have their own customers visiting the proving ground in order to perform presentations/”demos” are authorised by Colmis to allow these customers to drive within the proving ground – even if they do not hold a valid Colmis Cold Climate Licence – as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • The duration of the presentations/demos must range between a few hours up to a maximum of 2 days.

  • The purpose of the visit must be presenting a new technology / product / component, etc. and should not be part of regular vehicle development/testing activities.
    Of course, we still always encourage everyone to take part in the training, so despite the special regulation they are also definitely welcome to take part in the training if they choose to do so!

The Driver Training team at Colmis will be delighted to answer any doubts you may have about the training / licence. Please send an e-mail with your questions to


  • Send a written communication (to with the dates, times and locations/facilities/tracks you will be filming at. Please do this at least 48 hours in advance of filming, as we need to let other customers know in case it can interfere with any of their activities. Please also detail what kind of equipment you will be using (cameras, drones, etc.).

  • The photographer/videographer will have to pick up a yellow reflective “press” vest at reception and wear it at all times when taking pictures/filming. At reception he/she/they will have to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will follow all the Colmis regulations.

  • When filming on shared tracks (meaning also used by other customers), please try doing your best to avoid interfering with their work.

  • You are not allowed to include footage that captures other vehicles testing within the proving ground (unless you get an authorization from them). If your filming/photo angles do include other vehicles, please delete the parts where other vehicles are visible or blur them out so that they are not recognizable in any way.

Yes, the use of drones is allowed following the general terms described above.

Yes, everyone that wants to enter Colmis Proving Ground for work and testing purposes, regardless of what kind of professional activity they are carrying out, needs to complete the visitor online registration (

It takes about 10/15 minutes to complete and includes information and videos that will be helpful for you to get a better understanding of the proving ground. You also need to send an arrival list with the full names, the company and arrival date(s) at Colmis to

Yes, this is a step of the online registration process.

Even though it is not required if you are only coming to shoot for up to 1-2 days, we still actively encourage you to take part in our Mandatory Driver Training, which will provide your team with a good foundation of basic knowledge to drive safely within Colmis and in winter conditions altogether. It takes roughly between 3.5 to 4 hours (short theory and longer practical part) and we have both morning (08:20 to 12:00) and afternoon (13:30 to 17:00) sessions. The cost is 2,300 SEK + VAT per person. The training is open to all driving levels (no specific previous skills are required). Please get in touch with to book your training. 


Simply to have a valid driving licence in their country of residence.

Yes, our sister company, Simloc, which operates hotels, aparthotels and private house rentals in Arjeplog (just minutes away from the proving ground), is your best accommodation choice. Please write to

The test tracks are prepared to be ready to be used by our customers every day at 8AM, from Monday to Saturday. Depending on weather conditions and usage, some additional maintenance is carried out throughout the day. Our office hours are 7AM to 6PM Monday to Friday and 8AM to 1PM on Saturdays. However, the tracks and the whole proving ground is accessible to our customers 24/7 (unless closed for specific reasons: maintenance, private events, bad weather conditions, etc.).

Yes, it is possible to follow vehicles during their testing with your own camera vehicle. The same driving regulations apply as for anyone else using the proving ground.

There are no particular health and safety protocols for filming activities. Just the same ones as for everybody else that comes to the proving ground apply (apart from wearing the yellow vest, as mentioned above).

This really depends on the kind of filming you are doing, but just common sense and trying to keep out of the way of interfering with other customers.

No, generally speaking we don’t have safety barriers on the tracks (most of our tracks are “open areas”, where the snowbanks act as “natural barriers”).

This is only permitted when one rents tracks in exclusivity, as on the shared tracks it can interfere with other customers. Having said that, for a short period of time and if there are not many other cars around, you can politely ask the other customers (if any) on the same track whether it is OK for them, and in this case it is also OK for Colmis.

Yes. You are not allowed to include footage that captures other vehicles testing within the proving ground (unless you get an authorization from them). If your filming/photo angles do include other vehicles, please delete the parts where other vehicles are visible or blur them out so that they are not recognizable in any way.

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem to arrange, we will be happy to give you a short 15 min introductory tour of the proving ground. Simply let us know in advance (a couple of days will suffice) to arrange having a person available for this.

We don’t have a vehicle fleet for this kind of purpose, so yes, rental cars would be needed.

We rarely use snow chains in this area, as all cars – also rental cars – are always equipped with Nordic if not studded tyres and the public roads are well looked after. On the proving ground they are never needed (unless on a specific testing track destined to that purpose).

We don’t require a special insurance ourselves, as any activity you carry out within the proving ground is your responsibility and you work at your own risk.

You can get a good idea of what Colmis looks like by checking out the videos on our social media accounts. 

It’s a very long drive from Stockholm to Arjeplog. Note that most of the roads are country roads and not motorways, so the journey can take well over 12 hours (and that in good weather/traffic conditions). So flying to Arivdsjaur is highly recommended. Another option is flying to Luleå, on the east coast (about a 3-hour drive), which has more flight connections and also more car rental options.

This is not among our range of services. A comfy and stylish Swedish brand with good quality at very decent pricing is Stellar Equipment ( but there are many choices out there. Make sure to stay warm!

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