An open and independent winter proving ground that serves the global automotive industry.

Our Story

For close to 40 years, Colmis has been a privileged witness to the incessant development of the automotive industry and its winter testing activity, where we have and continue to play a key role in this dynamic journey. Colmis is a story of growth, which has been steady and constant since our formation. 

Our development manifests itself through our growing infrastructure portfolio, including our expanding range of multipurpose tracks, workshops, office spaces, cold chambers and more recently EV charging stations. Even accommodation is among our offerings. 

Colmis: A story of heritage and development

The pic on the left was taken on a summer day in the 80s: Lars-Gunnar Gyllenberg and Harald Fjellström, cofounders of Colmis. The pic on the right was taken at the end of 2022/2023 winter season: Per Gyllenberg and Mikael Hallin, replicating the iconic photo of their fathers. Mikael (CEO) and Per (Deputy Manager) are the current leaders of Colmis and showcase the family heritage within the company. 

Each one of them has their own personality. Each one has their own style. But one vision has continued throughout the company’s history: welcoming customers from all over the world, customising the offerings to the changing requirements, and making out of Colmis more than a proving ground: the home of winter testing. 

Did you know that...?

The name Colmis originates from the lake situated in Colmis: Storkålmis. “Stor” meaning “big” in Swedish, so something like the “big Kålmis”. And from Kålmis it was romanised into “Colmis”.

The name Simloc, the accommodation business, is also closely connected. Simply read Colmis from back to front and there you have the answer. 

The first workshop at Colmis,, built in 1985, still stands today, and is within the area currently used by long-term customer Stellantis.  

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