maximizing testing efficiency in the safest environment

the Colmis safety first vision

Safety has been a priority since the beginning for Colmis.

It has been a key cornerstone of the modernization of the proving ground in the last couple of decades.

RAJD: fully connected

A pioneer in vehicle connectivity in cold climate testing, Colmis was one of the founding partners of the RAJD proving ground management software it uses at its own facilities, a GPS geofencing monitoring system that enables continuous surveillance as well as immediate support to any vehicle on the testing tracks at any given time.

Whether to alert of any security or safety regulations breach or to grant assistance for both general support as well as emergencies, all vehicles within the Colmis premises are connected to it.

mandatory driver training

And if technology plays a major role for safety, so do the persons at the steering wheel: the drivers. A Mandatory Cold Climate Driver Training was introduced at Colmis in 2016 and is part of the “safety first” policy that is central to the entire organization. Colmis requires anyone operating within the proving ground to complete this training that ensures everyone has basic knowledge of driving in winter conditions.

The purpose is to offer a compact yet comprehensive overview to give participants the basic tools to understand, assess and ultimately increase their driving skills in winter conditions and hereby harmonize the safety standards across the proving ground.

track preparation

Another vital aspect that Colmis carries out diligently is track preparation: not only to offer optimum quality standards for testing but to do so making sure safety is never compromised.

Among many other safety mechanisms put in place, one that stands out compared to summer proving grounds is the importance of regular ice thickness measurements on the frozen lakes.

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